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ree countries have d▓isplayed different crops according to their different cli▓mate characters and national demand." Tao said.The Yunnan ▓---Siem Reap friendly Agricultural Science and Technolog▓y Demonstration Park focuses on the demonstration of hybr▓id rice, maize, flowers and fruit garden as a part of the tourism industry, while the Vietnam-China Agricultural▓ Science and Technology Demons

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nine in the evening. The final re▓sult is usually yielded early next d

tration Park in BaoShan foc▓uses on introducing varieties of tropical fruits in Viet▓nam to China, such as the mango, grapefruit, guava and other tropical fruits as well as the insect resistant coffee.The new China Science and Technology Museum will open to public on September 16th after three-year construction. Locating inside the Beijing Olympic Park, it borders the Bird's Ne▓st and Water Cube.The ne